Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2018


Mir vergeben heißt, mich freizusprechen vom Urteil der Schuld und Sünde, mich zu erlösen vom Glauben an Illusionen.
Dir vergeben heißt, Dich freizusprechen vom Urteil der Schuld und Sünde, Dich zu erlösen vom Glauben an Illusionen.
Einander vergeben heißt, einander freizusprechen vom Urteil der Schuld und Sünde, einander zu erlösen vom Glauben an Illusionen.
Der Welt vergeben heißt, die Welt freizusprechen vom Urteil der Schuld und Sünde, die Welt zu erlösen vom Glauben an Illusionen.

Montag, 1. Januar 2018

Total Love of Sun and Shadow

The Shadow of myself wants to be taken home as well, he does not want to remain abandoned in the darkness.
To condemn him into the darkness is causing my own self-destructiveness as a rebellion of the Shadow-Self with his means against being condemned by the Sun-Self.
To absolve him from all my projected sins, guilt, failures and deficits requires to step deeply down into the darkness of my Shadow-Self until reaching the bottom of it and to find him there in agony feeling totally unworthy, depressed, desperate and raging against everything and everyone because of his hopelessness.
Healing can now be done by giving him a helping hand to stand up, to rise above his misery and end his suffering.
Embracing him there totally with all my Love brings upon the long desired salvation, the resurrection of the Son of God.
Now our joined forces can be used to destroy all remaining illusions and to accept my role in the liberation of our Divine kin from the earthly dream of Self-Division.
Together, reunited in our Father`s purity, we can finally wake up at home, in Heaven.

Freitag, 29. Dezember 2017

Release From Guilt

Can you expect to use your brothers as a means to "solve" the past, and still to see them as they really are? Salvation is not found by those who use their brothers to resolve problems that are not there.

A Course In Miracles T-13.X.4

Behold the Son of God, and look upon his purity and be still. In quiet look upon his holiness, and offer thanks unto his Father that no guilt has ever touched him.

A Course In Miracles T-13.X.11

Mittwoch, 27. Dezember 2017

Self-Illusion and Disillusion

"Perhaps the greatest enemy to authentic awakening is (...) our utterly unfounded belief in our own spotless virtue."
"When I experienced these failures and derelictions in myself, something extraordinary happened. I felt with an intensity I had never felt before the extravagance of the mercy and forgiveness of God, and I knew, with a clarity that made me break down in wonder, that what I was discovering with shame and great distress, the Divine had always known and forgiven."
"When you face your own evil, you are rewarded with the knowledge of just how unconditional God's Love is and just how miraculously this infinite Love will work on the small parts in you that are sincere and devoted, however shaky and compromised they may be, to work its resurrection."
Andrew Harvey, The Hope, p.96f

Indeed, I see how my ego-driven self-righteousness eventually leads to an imagined attack against my own kin of the Divine Family as long as I allow the ego to run my thoughts and beliefs unaware in the darkness of my sub-consciousness.
And I see how the Holy Spirit is rendering these thoughts and beliefs to the Light of Awareness and Knowledge so that they can be corrected by the Divine Truth if I just allow Him to look at them instead of hiding them in the darkness any further.

Samstag, 23. Dezember 2017

Inside and outside the Projection

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

It is getting clearer and clearer to me that this world of forms has just one single purpose: To hide the Truth about ourselves, the Truth about who we really are.

The means is the body, very limited, insecure, always in danger and subjected to decay and death and thereby justifying all the fears in the world and the greed for power. The body is the prison for the consciousness to believe it is powerless in spite of the fact that this very consciousness is the projector and thereby creator of this world of forms.

The whole complex of the projection therefore is an attack against ourselves, an imprisonment, an enslavement by an ignorance out of which greed and fear grow and dominate ourselves and the world of forms.

The way to change anything in this world for the better is always to fight against the evil, it is always attack or counterstrike, which is the continuation of the belief in the existence and relevance of the projection taking it for real and calling for our action and precious attention.

But this attention is the fuel for the projection, attack is its fundament, to believe in its existence and problems builds the fortress of the protection against the Truth. Any business we believe to have in this world just keeps us occupied in order not to see what it this world made of.

Any problem that we might have is just the worldˋs witness to prove the attack that we are stuck here and need to give our full attention to the world. By doing so we confirm our own imprisonment through the projection of the world which could not exist any single moment without our belief in it. Therefore it constantly needs our attention. Deluding ourselves that we give it for the good and better is nothing but the sweetness of seduction.

The moment we start to understand and liberate our consciousness the dynamics of the world cannot bind us any longer.

Only a complete withdrawal of any belief in this world of forms, a complete rejection that we have any business to do with this world can liberate ourselves from the nightmare of being a helpless body within the projection. After all, a projection is a projection. We may also call it illusion or dream. Once we wake up it is gone.

Do you understand me? For it is this understanding that is essential for our collective awakening.

Mittwoch, 20. Dezember 2017

Midwinter: The Holy Spirit and the Shadow of who I am

Not believing in who I am, I looked at my Father's gift in my hands, the Holy Spirit, and I allowed the shadow of who I am to decide and to throw Him into the darkness of Life to have the Holy Spirit extinguished forever.
But miraculously, rays of Light returned to me from that darkness, dispelling and enlightening the darkness. Looking at my hands again, the Holy Spirit was still there, smiled at me and said: "I am your Father's gift, I cannot leave you. Like your Father cannot leave you and you cannot leave Him. Therefore there will be always Light wherever you are and wherever you go."
"That sounds awesome, but what about the shadow of who I am?" I found myself asking the Holy Spirit wondering whether this was a proper way to deal with Him. Shouldn't I just bow to Him with devotion?
Yet the Holy Spirit seemed to enjoy the challenge: "Great question! What is the quality of the shadow of who you are?" he asked me back.
Without thinking much I instantly replied "destruction".
"Well, then let's make best use of it, invite the shadow of who you are to destroy all illusions about yourself, life and reality", suggested the Holy Spirit.
"Isn't that kind of crazy to give that power to the shadow of who I am?" I worried.
"It is indeed totally crazy of you to believe your illusions would leave you while you are still attached to them", shared the Holy Spirit. "The shadow of who you are is your best and in fact only weapon to destroy your own illusions. By using the destructive nature of the shadow of who you are to destroy your own illusions of who you are you acknowledge his rightful place in your own creation. Let him leave nothing behind except what is real, the indestructible Truth, that cannot be destroyed. You will see, that after having fulfilled his purpose, the shadow of who you are will be satisfied and at peace. And I will be resting as well, because you will be at home again, waking up and realising that you have been at your Father's side all the time. You just need me to see the difference between reality and illusion. Right now you are so deluded that you wouldn't even know what needs to be destroyed as an illusion. Therefore I am guiding you if you just agree to let me" explained the Holy Spirit to me with such a Love and compassion that I even didn't feel insulted or ashamed having my ignorance exposed so clearly.