Montag, 14. Mai 2018


As God`s chosen people you can only Love your Neighbour as thyself.
Love is the choice.
There is no other way to be chosen.
Love is the Truth and Capital of Humanity.

Samstag, 5. Mai 2018

Der höllische Teufelskreis der Sucht

Gerade hatte ich anläßlich des Todes eines brüderlichen Schulfreundes den Gedanken, dass eine Welt, in der zelebriert wird, dass feiern und Party machen heißt, Glücksgefühle durch die Einnahme von Alkohol und anderen Mitteln hervorzubringen, die Erfahrung der HÖLLE sein muss. Denn zu glauben, dass wir ohne stimulierende Drogen keine Glücksgefühle in uns hätten, die uns die Rauschmittel ermöglichen, tatsächlich aber nur vortäuschen und uns unseren schmerzhaften Verlust an ureigenen Glücksgefühlen bestätigen, ist ein selbstzerstörerischer Angriff auf uns selbst.

Als Konsequenz kann man in diesem Zustand kein einziges wahres und gesundes Urteil über sich und die Welt treffen außer, dass man Heilung braucht.
Der höllische Teufelskreis der Sucht auf der Suche nach etwas, dem wir hinterhertrauern, weil wir glauben, es verloren zu haben, arbeitet gegen uns und diese eine Urteil.

Darin betrachte ich uns alle als Experten. Das ist die allgegenwärtige Konditionierung des Menschseins.

Samstag, 21. April 2018

Die Liebe, die mich schuf, ist, was ich bin

Die Gnade Gottes ruht sanft auf Augen, die vergeben, und alles, worauf sie schauen, spricht zum Betrachter nur von ihm.
Er kann nichts Böses sehen, nichts, was es in der Welt zu fürchten gäbe, und niemanden, der anders ist als er.
Und so, wie er sie liebt, schaut er mit Liebe und Sanftmut auf sich selbst.
Er würde ebensowenig sich selbst für seine Fehler verurteilen wie einen anderen verdammen.
Er ist kein Herr der Rache noch ein Bestrafer für die Sünde.
Die Güte seiner Sicht ruht auf ihm selbst mit der ganzen Zärtlichkeit, die sie anderen anbietet.
Denn er möchte nur heilen und nur segnen.
Und da er mit dem, was Gott will, im Einklang ist, hat er die Macht, all diejenigen zu heilen und zu segnen, auf die er mit Augen schaut, auf denen Gottes Gnade ruht.

Ein Kurs in Wundern, Kap. 25 "Die Gerechtigkeit Gottes", Abschnitt VI. "Die besondere Funktion", Absatz 1.

Sonntag, 1. April 2018

Vegan compassion

I have just registered for the Dharma Yatra 2018 and thereby accept the new vegan policy.
Yet from my dharma point of view I consider the vegan policy as extreme instead of a middle path, mixed with a personal ideology imposed on others.
I was living more than two years on a demeter farm and definitely I can see that there is a compassionate way of tending and treating animals. Keeping animals in a wholesome way as an example for others might even do more good to the world than demanding to fully renounce any animal products.
I am not in the position to judge and foresee that. Who is? But by imposing that being vegan is the most acceptable and most compassionate way you might lose many fellows on the path and rather create conflict, resistance and aversion. Psychologically I sense the smell of self-righteousness, dominating others and considering oneself as superior on the cost of degrading others.
If this is the case, it is just the old mindset and dynamic of division amongst humanity with a new topic.
Sorry, but I do not see the liberating freedom part in it. Maybe the author can please explain it to me?
Particularly in the demeter philosophy animals are included in the holistic organic-biological production cycle to provide natural fertilisers for the soil which otherwise would rather be chemical in our modern times to provide the required supply.
Hence there is hardly any vegetarian amongst the demeter farmers that I know because they are convinced and compassionate about the way they are tending and treating animals.
They do have a hard time surviving under our current economic incentives and conditions and I really doubt that by buying their high organic quality demeter vegetables with one hand and fighting their business model with the other hand their lives will improve and society will progress towards more compassion.
And there is another doubtful assumption in being vegan. Some places in the world like mountain areas are just not suitable for veggies and keeping animals is the reasonable way of farming and to take care of the landscape as well. So there is a natural fit for keeping animals and using them.
And after all, there is no ceteris paribus happy existence of all these animals without us keeping them for using their products. Not many of them would exist if we did not keep them for our purposes.
Like many other species we would rather have them extinguished by now than keeping them for no purpose and spend money and time for that. I guess that not many vegans probably keep cows, pigs or chicken and likewise not many others would. These animals would simply not exist. So by letting them exist through using them we are responsible as a care taker and user of their products for tending and treating them compassionately.
Is that not in line with the dharma? I am not talking about introducing to eat meat again. I am talking about letting the possibility exist that we can learn a lot about compassion by keeping animals and using their products.
After all, it was a jug of buffalo milk that saved the Buddha´s live after his extreme asceticism. There would not have been any Buddha at all without being saved by the buffalo´s milk.
I see a tremendous amount of love and compassion in this animal that gave its milk for the sake of the Buddha´s live. Not only has it benefitted one single human being, it has benefitted entire humanity.
Let us be careful with our views and judgements being so easily mistaken for a truth and us imposing them on others.
I fully trust myself and each other that by tending and treating animals with more compassion humanity would naturally eat them less and less and less...
This is a middle path that all of us can walk together.
We need compassion more than meat and other animal products :)

Samstag, 31. März 2018

Sharing is a Blessing

I just cycled home with a bag full of groceries on the eve of the greatest event in Christianity, the Resurrection of the Christ.
Just a couple of metres away from home a beggar with his trolley checked a dustbin for deposits.
It touched my heart to see a brother living this way in wealthy Germany and rich Frankfurt with Easter upon us.
He had already passed when I decided to stop and open my wallet to give him 10 Euros.
So I cycled back to him and asked the obvious question: "Are you looking for deposits?"
"Yes", he replied.
"Well, I do not have bottles with me, but I would like to give you 10 Euros."
"That would help me a lot. Thank you very much."
And then there was I moment when I realised that I had held 5 Euros back that I had left in my wallet. "What is my gain by saving this 5 Euros from giving?" was the next thought crossing my mind. I felt incomplete but tried to push the thought away, said "goodbye and happy Easter" and intended to finally cycle home.
But the humbleness, sincerity and gratitude of this brother broke my walls of being reasonable and protecting my heart. I could not feel a sense of completion by just having given money. I could not escape with a financial buy-out! I had to experience a much deeper and more meaningful connection.
So one more time I returned and approached him. I did not dare to offer him my place to stay overnight but the thought to invite him for Easter breakfast tomorrow at home had shaped in my mind and felt good. Hence I asked him: "May I ask you a question?"
He was surprised to see me again and allowed me to ask my question.
Actually it was not a question: "I would like to invite you for Easter breakfast at my place."
Now he was definitely more surprised than before and thanked me a couple of times.
I told him my name, where I live, shook hands with him and asked him which time would be best for him.
He answered "10 am" but then a hesitation or doubt arose in his mind which made him say that he cannot guarantee to show up.
"That is fine for me. It is an invitation, not an obligation."
So I wished him a good night and finally cycled home.
Immediately on my way I had a feeling how blessed I was by having such an opportunity to invite a homeless brother for Easter breakfast. The blessing was overwhelming and I felt gratitude that my deluded consciousness of separation and selfishness seems to heal and be back on the path of sanity. Otherwise I would not feel such a wonderful effect.
I do not know if he will show up tomorrow. But now he knows he was seen, accepted and appreciated by a stranger.
His self-esteem seems to be broken by something.
But he does not belong to the streets. If so, then only as a Saint. I can tell that this man has the potential to be one of the next holy ones returning to our real home and ending this endless quest and pilgrimage.
If he shows up tomorrow I will ask him what had happened to him and that I do believe in him and his liberation. I will use any gift I am blessed with in his service. He is a Saint giving me such an blissful opportunity to overcome the illusion of separation.
And I will share the depths of the Dharma with him, see the Christ in him, invite him to the next Landmark Forum and pay for him.
Without any doubt, he would reach out for the Sky.
The days of pain are already numbered, and the reign of suffering is coming to an end.
Happy Easter, happy Resurrection of the Christ!

Samstag, 24. März 2018

Sustainable Ending of Renunciation

There is no renunciation in Sustainability. The fear arises so strongly because we have already renounced everything & know the pain too well. Sufficiency is about fulfilment, letting go the suffering of renunciation, the clinging to the pain. It's about being free again!

Root Chopping

The Realisation that thoughts cannot leave their source & all I perceive is made by my thoughts leaves me with all-embracing Love as the only reasonable choice.
This puts an axe on my perverted consciousness of greed, hatred & delusion.